Monday, July 21, 2014

Vendor Interview- I Have Wings

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?

My name is Romina, I'm 36 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work almost full time on my doll brand I HAVE WINGS and part time as a scenery and costume designer for a theater company and as an illustrator.
I've started my brand in 2004 almost immediately after getting my first Blythe doll. I was inspired by her and felt the need to create clothes and outfits for this little creature.
It still inspires me and is the best creative outlet I have.

2. What do you make for Blythe?

I make clothes, custom dolls and also my own fabric dolls. For Blythecon Seattle I will have new Muchacho sets in many lovely colors, Summer Hideaway sets with beautiful flower prints and Mori Springtime deluxe sets.
I am also bringing 2 custom dolls that will be looking for homes on my table ^_^

3. Where can we find your creations?

You can find my creations here:
And you can follow me on instagram:
And on Facebook:

4. What are your main influences?
My main influence is human clothing. I take inspiration from films and also from magazines or fashion blogs. I like to think that I blend antique styles with modern details. Right now I am quite influenced by what I like to call College style (Oxford), so my sets consist of jackets, golf pants, buttoned shirts, etc.

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?
I saw a picture of a Blythe doll in a Gothic & Lolita Bible magazine back in 2004. I was fascinated by her and begun the hunt for a doll. A couple of months later I had her in my hands and it was love at first sight.

6. Do you collect anything else?

I have other dolls like Momoko, Tiny betsy McCalls, but none have captured my interest completely as Blythe did/does still.

7. What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?

That maybe I can be a little shy, I try my best to hide it, but I am. So come and say Hi! to our table. It really makes me happy to meet other Blythe collectors, to be able to put a face to the name, to make friends.
See you soon!


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