Monday, July 21, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Kawaii Kandy & Shepuppy Collaboration Dress Set

Our next donation is a scrumptious treat!  This is a collaboration dress set by Kawaii Kandy & Shepuppy!  It is a yummy Kawaii Kandy ice cream hat paired with a Shepuppy sweet dress!  Thank you both so much for your adorable donations!  You can find Kawaii Kandy & Shepuppy at the following locations:

Kawaii Kandy-

Facebook:  Kawaii Kandy

Flickr:   Flickr: Kawaii Kandy's Photostream

Shop:  Blythe Doll Crocheted Hats by Kawaii Kandy |


Etsy:  Eclectic Art Dolls and Dresses by shepuppy on Etsy

Facebook:  Shepuppy: Blythe Miscellany

Flickr:  Flickr: shepuppy's Photostream

1 comment:

  1. Drooling! Both items just as darling as can be! The hat is sublime! <3