Sunday, July 27, 2014

Raffle Prize & Goody Bag Spotlight: Willow & Quail

We have some amazing donations for the raffle & the goody bags by Willow & Quail.  First, Willow & Quail has donated special gifts for every attendees goody bag be it a piece of Blythe jewelry, a magnet, or a Blythe size hanger.  Then as if that was not enough, Willow & Quail has also donated an absolutely beautiful dress set to the raffle!  One lucky person will go home with this set that includes a Dorothy inspired dress, hat, socks, ruby slips, ruby slipper necklace, hair ties, and a hand needle felted Toto dog that comes in his very own modern puppy tote!  A perfect tote for Toto!  As stated by Willow & Quail, "Toto also wears a tiny collar so that he can find his way home if the flying monkeys should carry him away."  The small tag on his collar says "Toto" and his tote also has a small tag that reads, "I heart Kansas."  Thank you so much to Jessi of Willow & Quail for everything you have done to help make this BlytheCon special for all who attend.   We are proud to say that Jessi is a local Blythe collector from WA and this will be her first BlytheCon.  

To quote Willow & Quail, "Dorothy and Toto aren't in Kansas anymore, but rather the rainy and mountainous Pacific Northwest! ...I've also included a small patch of the actual Yellow Brick Road, so that Dorothy and Toto can pretend they are back in Oz."

Did I forget to mention that this set comes with a piece of the actual yellow brick road!?!  Whoever wins this has a very Lucky Blythe doll!  You can find Willow & Quail at the following places:

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