Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Letter To The Blythe Community

Dear Blythe Community,

We would like to first of all, thank those of you already committed to attending our Seattle BlytheCon this year--vendors and attendees alike. Without you, there would be no BlytheCon. The four of us planning the Seattle BlytheCon are 100% committed to producing a fantastic convention for everyone and are very excited to welcome you to our city.

Planning and organizing each BlytheCon begins with a group of organizers committing personal time, money and effort to produce a convention. We realize what occurred at last year’s BlytheCon in New York was very unfortunate and we understand that people have questions. To help assure everyone in the community that what happened in New York does not happen in Seattle, we would like to address how we are managing and operating our BlytheCon and hope this provides clarification.

To begin with, as of 1/31/14, we have completely paid for the venue (Fisher Pavilion) which is managed through the City of Seattle. There are no outstanding deposits owed. We have requested a letter from Fisher Pavilion confirming we are paid in full which we will post once received. The space is all ours on Saturday, August 2, 2014!

The four of us are committed to running our BlytheCon as a business--it has to be run this way because we alone are taking on all of the risks. There are contracts, deposits, insurance, permits, registration and event administration that all go into producing a professional and successful convention. We are presently not asking for any financial donations to help with con expenses as we hope ticket sales will cover these costs. That said, this is still more personal for us than business. We are very happy and honored to do this, as we love Blythe and this amazing community that we have been a part of for many years now.

The ticket price is designed to cover our BlytheCon expenses which are outlined below. All percentages are estimated based on an anticipated 300 attendees (to date, 142 attendees are registered to attend):
35% Venue (facility rental, tables, linens, chairs, audio/visual, set-up, security)
16% Administrative Costs (website hosting/domain registration, insurance, wireless access at event, permits, transaction fees from PayPal and Brown Paper Tickets, taxes, vendor/volunteer/staff supplies/food/refreshments, artist fees, comps for special guests, printing of signage, banners and event programs)
10% Decorations (table decorations, balloons, etc.)
26% Giveaways (goodie bag items, lanyards/name badges, postcards, stickers, buttons, etc.)
13% Miscellaneous BlytheCon Expenses (Venue damage deposits, unforeseen expenses, compensation for personal and professional time spent producing BlytheCon)

Similar to previous BlytheCons (except NY), we hoped to sell additional raffle tickets in support of two community charities; Northwest Harvest and The Seattle Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, per the Washington State Gambling Commission, we do not fall in the classification of organizations permitted to conduct raffles--even if all the proceeds are given to charity.

Many of the amazing people in our community that have already committed to donating to the raffle loved the idea of donating to local charities and helping to feed volunteers. We sincerely apologize for this change and hope you are not too disappointed. Please know your donation is bringing a huge amount of joy to all of the attendees at BlytheCon through your generosity and support. Volunteers, vendors and special guests will still receive food and refreshments as well as comps.

Each attendee will receive ONE raffle ticket in their BlytheCon goodie bag and NO additional tickets will be sold. The raffle will remain one of the most fun highlights of the convention thanks to the donations of our community members.

Please check back for further announcements about BlytheCon merchandise featuring our beloved Dr. Blythenstein's amazing artwork for the Seattle BlytheCon. We will be working out all the arrangements directly with J.J. and will have more information soon.

Please know, our first priority is to provide all attendees with the best experience possible. We have been working very hard over the past two years and have so many fun and exciting surprises in store for you! The four of us have been and will continue to devote hundreds of hours to organize this BlytheCon because we love Blythe and this community.

It is worth noting that we have amazing vendors attending this year, fantastic Blythe artists participating in the raffle and we have some really fun plans for gift bags and photo opportunities. Our venue, Fisher Pavilion, is spacious, airy, gorgeous and located underneath the Space Needle, Seattle's quintessential landmark. And finally, we are so thrilled to have Dr. Blythenstein design our logo--plan on seeing a lot of his charming designs at our BlytheCon. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle!!

Diem, Brian, Valerie, & Sara
Your Seattle BlytheCon Team

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vendor Interview- Funny Bunny

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?
Hello! My name is Helena Hultén and I live in
Göteborg, on the west coast of Sweden.

2. What do you make for Blythe?

I love to discover new crafts and designs and combine them with Blythes.
Fashionwise I tend to make clothes with a retro
vibe, often with bold vibrant rich colors. I love
neon colors and metallic, but still in feminine
style. Vintage fabrics and trims is a big love.
Many know me for making machine embroidered
smocks and helmets. Many of of the embroidery designs
have been manually digitized by me so you can't find same motif elsewhere.

Then I also make sewing patterns in Blythe doll
size. So far I have only made one but I have as a
goal to make another one for the Seattle Blythecon, this time Middie sized.
I plan to repeat what I brought to the last
Blythecon, in NYC. Embroidered helmets, some fashion
clothes/sets and sewing patterns. This is my base
goal, then I might add more items/ideas.

Other than Blythes I make fashion for Emerald
Witch dolls as well. And I also make fabric print
designs on Spoonflower. -

3. Where can we find your creations?
I have a website, You can see
the latest photos on this page:
Funny Bunny fan page:

4. What are your main influences?
Vintage fashion! 50's to 70's is the main
spectrum. Vintage doll fashion. Look at the Mattel

fashion from 60-70s for example!

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?
I remember seeing a very unusual doll when I was
browsing my Gothic&Lolita bible and I thought
that that doll is so cute in a very retro way. I
think this was in 2003. Then I think I started
to see them online and figured out the name,
Blythe. I remember I thought the prices were insane!
The prices that seemed more ok were the tiny
ones, I did not want them, they were too funny
looking and too tiny! But yes, eventually I did
the plunge and bought my first Blythe after
having asked questions on the "This is Blythe"
forum about suitable first doll. Pow Wow Poncho,
and I got so delighted when I got her in my
hands. I also amazed over how big her head was! And
then suddenly my collection grew and somehow the price tag became normal! haha!

I started to sew even before I got Apple Blossom,
to have a fashion wardrobe ready for her, I
utilised the then available free patterns online to be sure of fit.

Eventually I started to sell the creations, and so Funny Bunny began.

6. Do you collect anything else?
I hoard on vintage items! Interior decoration,
kitchen items, fabrics, trims, notions, human


And many more!

7. What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
I do not know if it is interesting but I am deaf.
Sign language. Do not be scared of me, though!
Bring paper and pen and we can talk away. ;) Alas
I do not understand American Sign Language. Boo.

And I love rollercoasters.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

BlytheCon Seattle 2014 Seeking Donations

MayYeo's girl (or Boy)
May Yeo's gorgeous Blythe with BCon NY Goodie Bag mustache.

BlytheCon Seattle is now seeking Raffle and Goodie Bag donations!  We want to thank each and everyone in advance for donating and making this such a fun experience.  There's nothing better than hearing the squeal of excitement from a raffle winner or seeing a delightful grin from a little Goodie Bag surprise!

The raffle event has become a special tradition at BlytheCon and is much anticipated by everyone!  We would greatly appreciate your support for this fun and exciting event at BlytheCon. Our theme this year is the “Wizard of Oz” or "Journey to the Emerald City".   However, donations do not need to follow the theme, but can instead reflect your own unique aesthetic.  Each raffle item will be displayed with your information to help advertise your work and/or shop.  You can also include business cards, postcards or discount codes for our Goodie Bags as well to help us further promote your shop.  We would love to have photos of your donation so we can post it on our blog.  Your shop will also be acknowledged on our website and in the event program.

There will be ONE raffle ticket in each Goodie Bag and NO additional tickets will be sold.  Each attendee will get the same chance to win, just like at BlytheCon NY.  It is against Washington State Law to hold a raffle, even if all profits go to a charity.  We've written a LETTER TO THE BLYTHE COMMUNITY explaining our reason for the changes.  This is not a bad change, although you can't buy extra tickets your chances of winning are great.  There will be many prizes from many talented artists.  We will be posting a list of donations soon.

Sadly without additional raffle ticket sales there will be no donations to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation or Northwest Harvest, but we will have a collection jar available for those who wish to donate individually.  With that said volunteers, vendors and special guests will still receive food and refreshments as well as comps.

For gift bag contributions, we plan on hosting at least 350 people this year.  Please do not feel like you need to contribute that many items.  We would love to get any donations in increment of 50 up to 350.   Any & all items help to make the gift bags special for the recipients.  You can even donate postcards or shop promotions items.  Some vendors give out special discount codes for their Etsy shop.  Be as creative as you want with this donation!  It's meant to be fun and give each attendee a little bit of glee with every bag.

We will be accepting Raffle and Goodie Bag donations up to July 28, 2014. If you are interested in making a contribution or have any questions, please contact Brian/SeattleBlythe, our donation coordinator.   Brian can be reached at

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration & support!

With great appreciation,
The Seattle BlytheCon Team

Melacacia's Middie Raffle
Picture is of raffle prizes from BlytheCon 2012 in Dallas.

Raffle Donations so far: 
Junie Moon
Happibug - Custom Blythe Doll w/ Oz Theme
FausttoyGretchen -Custom Blythe Doll
Hello Blythe - Custom Blythe Doll
ArtDollKeepsakes - Custom Blythe Doll
Kassandra's Box - Custom Blythe Doll w/ Oz Theme
The House of Emmy B.lythe - Custom Blythe Doll
Chinalilly Dolls/Pip/Kult of Kulta - Custom Blythe Doll Collaboration
LuxieLou/Care - Collaboration Flocker Petite Blythe Doll
My Dollies 4 - Icy Doll & Licca Doll
SeattleBlythe - Blythe Doll w/ Oz Theme & Petite Blythe Sets NIB
Artemis - Custom Oz Themed Blythe Doll & Outfit set
SCoLaDolls/Sandra Efigenio- Custom Doll Collaboration
Imreal - Custom Doll
Blythe Laboratory- Rerooted Scalp in Mohair or Alpaca
Adrian De Luna - 3 Kenner Restoration Services
Atelier Matin- Glasses & Sandals for Blythe
Raven Mathis - Canvas Blythe Art Print
Missy Munday - Custom Art Doll
Dream Come True Beds - Custom Doll Bed w/ Bedding
INOMI - Custom Dress Set from the Salon de Junie Moon Collection
Julie McQuade - Oz Themed Dress Sets
Las lagrimas de alicia (Alice Tears) - Oz Themed Dress Set
Pistachio Libby - Oz Themed Dress Set
Little Amelie - Oz Themed Dress Set
Caroline Louise - Beachwear Bermuda Dress Set
Chantilly Lace -Custom Face-up Service
Wings In Flight - 2 Dress Sets
Happenstance Studio - Blythe Helmet
Elifins - Custom Hat Gift Certificate
Kaleidoscope Kustoms - Custom Eye Chips
Rag Bag Designs - Dress Set
MeiMei Xu - 2 Custom Helmets
Rosiee Gelutie- Outfit Set
Momosugar- Dress Sets
I Have Wings
 Moshi Moshi
Angelique of La petite chouette
Sublime Blythe
The World of Dolls
Sweet by Nim
Tickled Pink by Julie
JuJu Sweety
Blythe Star
Bird In A Nest
Vinyl Belly
Angel Yim
Soul's Fire Designs
Little Whimsies
Button Arcade
Devout Dolls
Valerie Iral
Zaloa’s Studio
Mimi Collection
Jane Pierrepont
Kawaii Kandy
Taylor Couture
A Green Cat
Marmalade Makings
Julie McQuade
Ophelia Queen
Emma Mount
Polly Makes
Blythe in a Basket
Nan Shen
Between The Buttons/Pullstring Lane
BlueButterfly Dolls
Ellie Moe
My Little Headcase
Helena Hulten
Insanely Sweet
Chubby Whale  
**updated 7/18/14**

Goodie Bag Donations
Mimi Collection (350)
Button Arcade (350)
My Dollies 4 (350)
ConfettiByLexi (350)
Tiny Haus (350 Blythe-sized BlytheCon lanyards and badges)
Cara Barfield (100)
Missy Munday (50+)

Quantity TBD:
Erica Duh
Little Whimsies
Angel Yim
 Rachael S/Lemoncurd
Weeping Sabicu
Mab Graves
Atelier Blythe
Puppy 52
IrisEyes Sews
Willow and Quail
Brown Eyed Rose
Umami Baby
The Buttons/Pullstring Lane
Chubby Whale
**updated 7/18/14**

We also have many wonderful Blythe artists also donating gifts to the goody bags! Thank you to all of the amazing people who have donated so far! We really appreciate your generosity and support.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

BlytheCon 2014 Art by Dr. Blythenstein

BCon Art by Dr.Blythenstein!
We are SO happy to announce the official BlytheCon 2014 art!  This amazing creation was done by Juan/Dr.Blythenstein.  We are truly honored to have him contribute his work and talents to this year's convention.  There are lots of surprises in stored for attendees. ;) 

On a personal note, I'm deeply touched Juan included Guy in the logo as Toto the dog.  T_T  I'm so happy and shedding tears of joy!

THANK YOU JUAN!  From all of us on the BCon planning crew and the Blythe community!

Introduce yourself, who are you, what do you do and where do you live? 

My name is Juan Jacobo Vaz and I am also known as "Dr.Blythenstein", I am an illustrator and doll creator that lives in Mexico city, Mexico. I am currently working full time, in my own studio customizing the dolls I create like the yarn heads and faux bois, and other illustrated projects that come around.

How did you get started with collecting Blythe dolls?
I started collecting Strawberry shortcake as I was looking for a wig for them on Ebay I found wigs for Blythe and wrote the seller asking if they would fit SSC. The seller replied saying this were for Blythe dolls. I didn´t know what Blythe was and started Googling her. When I found all the potential she had to be customized I ordered my first one on 2007 (one a half year later after that e-bay discovery.) From that moment was instant love and ever since I haven´t stopped customizing and collecting her.

What was your inspiration for this year's BlytheCon logo?
The diversity of scenarios that the city of Seattle brings, like the humid forest, rainy city and skyline, mixed with the characters of the Wizard of Oz. A match made in heaven because there are many similarities between the two of them. Its a city full of fantasy and beautiful nature surroundings.

BCon Art by Dr.Blythenstein!  
What is your favorite feature in your logo design? Are there any hidden surprises?
My favorite part is the Emerald city surrounded by friendly clouds and a rainbow. I love the colors of the whole design. There is a Starbucks cup in the hands of Glenda The Good Witch, (because SB is originally from Seattle.) Also Toto was replaced by my favorite Flickr pet "Guy" as a tribute to his memory.

Do you collect anything else and what are your other hobbies?
I also collect Strawberry shortcake dolls and Monster high dolls. My other hobbies include drinking crazy amounts of coffee and going to the supermarket toy aisle for inspiration. I also like running just not to be fat.

\BCon Art by Dr.Blythenstein!
What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
If I am in a good mood sometimes I recreate the balcony scene from Evita , the musical, from my own balcony and wave my hands to strangers in the street.

Where can we find you and your work online?

Vendor Interview, Soul's Fire Designs

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?
My name is Jennifer, though you all likely know me better as Soul's Fire Designs.  I live in Salem, Oregon :)

2. What do you make for Blythe?
I make Blythe accessories!  Pulls, pull kits, necklaces, earrings, tiaras, and circlets, things like that.

3. Where can we find your creations?
You can purchase my creations on Etsy at:
And you can see what I'm up to in a few other places: 

4. What are your main influences?
My main influences are.. hm, that's difficult.  I am greatly influenced by what I read, what I watch, and what I listen to.  Helpful, right?  All those things vary, I'm really eclectic in my tastes, but I'd say that the realm of fairytales is probably the top influence on what I create.

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?
I first was introduced to Blythe on Instagram actually, something like two years ago.  I was wandering around looking at pictures and found someone with pictures of Blythe.  At first she struck me as utterly bizarre, but I couldn't stop coming back to look at her!  A month or so later I bought my first Blythe, Stella, my Very Vicky.  My husband calls her my mini me.

6. Do you collect anything else?
I collect Mab Graves cards, which I frame and put on the wall, and her prints when I can get them.  Someday I'd love to own one of her paintings! She's one of the most amazing people I've ever "met" online and I think she's just wonderful and it shows in her art :)

7. What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
Um... I have a degree in English with a Medieval minor (only three credits away from a double major, darnit!) and took an entire year of Old English.  (And loved every minute :) ).

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vendor Interview, Mab Graves

Let's get to know Mab Graves...

1.      Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?

Hello! My name is Mab Graves and I am a pop surrealist artist and illustrator living in a small corner of the dusty Midwest ^_^

2.      What do you make for Blythe?

I paint miniature cameos of Blythe as well as making custom “Mab Girl” Blythe dolls. I also have a Blythe paper doll that was published by Dover Publishing last Fall.

3.      Where can we find your creations?

You can find my book on Amazon or in stores, and you can find my art any of these places:
BigCartel Shop (for originals) :
Etsy (for vintage dolly):
4.      What are your main influences?

I love stories. Fairytales especially but I have a passion for whimsy and Grimmsy. I have a slightly quirky sense of humor and I love to let it come out and play. My hope is to just make pretty things for wonderful people.

5.      How did you get started with Blythe dolls?

I discovered her one day online. I saw a picture and had no idea who she was, but I KNEW I needed to have one! It was love at first sight ^_^

6.      Do you collect anything else?

Yes! I have a passion for collecting New Contemporary/Pop Surrealist/Lowbrow art, and I have a beautiful collection of Picture Books. Plus just about anything old and plastic. I love vintage toys, Star Wars, Fairy Winkles, Dinosaurs, art vinyl toys. I love everything!

7.      What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
I have an Irish twin and we were nearly identical growing up. People still get us confused (I have pink hair now though so it’s a good clue ^_<) I’m also super shy and only leave my house/studio 2 or 3 times a week!