Friday, July 25, 2014

Raffle Prize & Goody Bag Spotlight: Button Arcade

We are happy to present Button Arcade as our next featured donor and she is contributing to not only the raffle, but the goody bags as well!  First Button Arcade has created a wonderful Wizard of Oz inspired dress entitled, "I'm Outta Here" for the Seattle BlytheCon raffle.  Next Button Arcade has donated "Which Witch is Which?" buttons to the goody bags.  Thank you to Kyle of Button Arcade for your fabulous donations to both the raffle & the goody bags!  You can find Button Arcade at the following places:


Etsy:  Hello friend by buttonarcade on Etsy

Flickr:  Flickr: Button Arcade's Photostream

Facebook:  (1) Button Arcade

I'm Outta Here

Which Witch is Which?

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