Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thank You For Donating To The Seattle BlytheCon Raffle & Goody Bags!

We want to thank everyone who donated to the raffle & goody bags for the Seattle BlytheCon! We greatly appreciate your kindness, generosity, & support!  We wish we could have photographed everyone who won a prize, but we were at least able to photograph the lucky raffle doll prize winners!  For attendees, if you were lucky and won a prize at the Seattle BlytheCon raffle, please send a thank you message to whomever donated the prize you won. Also, please thank the amazing donors to the goody bags as well!  They worked so hard to make sure that your Seattle BlytheCon experience was special!  Sincerely, The Seattle BlytheCon Team

Winner of Tinsel by Happibug

Winner of Emmy by Chinalilly Dolls, Piparrot, & Kult of Kulta 

Winner of Poppy by SCoLaDolls & Xanamaneca

Winner of Mandy Cotton Candy donated by Junie Moon

Winner of Yellow Marshmellow donated by Junie Moon

Winner of Callie by Rachel K Customs

Winner of Cassie by Hello Blythe

Winner of the Good Fairy by Artemis

A friend of the winner of Miss Gale by Kassandra's Box
(She was sad that she did not win, but what a great friend!)

Winner of Gemini by Art Doll Keepsakes

Winner of Seattle by The House of Emmy B.lythe

Winner of Jolie by Love Note Studios

Winner of This is Theodora by Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X

Winner of Clowning Around by SeattleBlythe

Winner of Glinda & Elphaba by I Have Wings

Winner of Dorothy Boopsiedaisy doll by Missy Munday