Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vendor Interview- BlueStar Dolls

1.  Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?
Hello Everyone, my name is Jade (Bluestarbaby) born in Taiwan but grew up in Vancouver, BC Canada. I started collecting Blythes in 2007 and have since then expanded my collection to other dolls :P Although my full time job has taken over most of my time, and I am not very active in the blythe community anymore I still enjoy taking photographs of my dolls and making clothing and accessories for them.

2.  What do you make for Blythe?
I make outfits, accessories and sometimes miniatures for blythe. Since little, I have always loved crafting and making things for my Barbie dolls. I am always trying out new ideas and making them for my current doll collection.

3.  Where can we find your creations?
You can find me on my website (currently working on a shop page) or Etsy.

4.  What are your main influences?
Most of my influences come from the Asian fashion culture. I am a Japan addict myself and follow the fashion world quite closely, so a lot of my inspirations actually come from the human world. (My dream as a child was to grow up to be a fashion designer <3)

5.  How did you get started with Blythe dolls?
Getting in to the Blythe world was an accident. I had seen the Super Dollfie when I was still a poor high school student and fell in love with them, but at the time there was no way for me to spend any money on anything. After getting my first job, I went back into looking for them again, and still I was not able to afford them. As I drooled over the beautiful dollfies on the internet I came across a stunningly beautiful custom Blythe. I quickly jumped on it and the door of blythes opened up as I saw more and more beautiful and cute big headed and big eyed girls.

6.  Do you collect anything else?
I now collect many things… Blythes, Ball-Jointed Dolls, Dollfie Dreams, cute figures (not thing specific, just has to fit my category of cute lol), Camera, Fabric, Crafting supplies, coins, stamps, souvenirs…. This list will go on forever if I kept typing.

7.  What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
Hmmmmmm… Everything is interesting and since I have been very inactive in the blythe world, most people probably don’t know me >////<. I am shy and have been told that I look scary when I don’t talk. I am not a good conversation starter, I promise I don’t bite, just shy. 

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