Saturday, July 19, 2014

BlytheCon 2014 Blythe-sized Tshirts

Blythe Doll Tee Colors
BCon Blythe-sized Tshirts are now available at BlytheCon Merch table.  Tshirts are $15 each

Here are the colors available:
Red (4 left)
Orange (9 left)
Yellow (3 left)
Lime Green (4 left)
Teal (2 left)
Purple (3 left)
Fuchsia (SOLD OUT!)
Salmon Pink (2 left)
Black (10 shirts) not pictured
Grey (8 shirts) not pictured

BlytheCon Seattle Dollie Tees
Here's a sample of the printed shirts.  Goldie is wearing the Fuchsia shirt, know you... to match her lip color.

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