Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X collaboration

We would like to introduce our latest Custom Blythe donation, "This is Theodora."  This is a collaboration Custom Blythe doll by Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X.  This beauty is based off of the Mila Kunis character from the movie Oz The Great and Powerful before she turns wicked. Theodora's amazing face up and carving has been done by the talented Blythe Stole My Heart. Notice the poppies in her eyes!  Her beautiful dress has been created by Meester X who also created the pattern.  One lucky attendee will be taking this wonderful Blythe home with them, good luck everyone!  Thank you so much to Maggie of Blythe Stole My Heart and to Stephen of Meester X for your great generosity & kindness!   You can find Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X at the following locations:

Blythe Stole My Heart

Facebook:  Maggie Stimson

Meester X

This is Theodora

Theodora's Outfit
(Will also include striped tights & ruby red glitter boots)

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