Saturday, July 12, 2014

BlytheCon Goody Bag Spotlight: SnowwhitE

We would like to give a very special thank you to Erika of SnowwhitE who has been working hard on creating an amazing Blythe outfit or accessory for every single gift bag for BlytheCon! We greatly appreciate your time, talent, dedication, & giving spirit!  The pictures below are just a small sampling of what Erika has made for the gift bags.  There are many other fabulous dresses, outfits, hats, & accessories that she has made that are not pictured.  Each BlytheCon attendee will receive one of SnowwhitE's creations!  You can find SnowwhitE at the following places:

Snow whitE - Fashion for Dolls - - an album on Flickr
Flickr: The Snow whitE - fashion for dolls - Pool


Snow whitE fashion for dolls by SnowhitEfashion4doll on Etsy


Snow whitE - fashion for dolls -


Erika Schiavone (SnowwhitErika) on Twitter







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