Friday, July 25, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Pistachio Libby

Is your Blythe a little Wicked Witch in need of a Flying Monkey?  Well you could be in luck! Pistachio Libby has generously donated the most adorable Flying Monkey to the Seattle BlytheCon raffle.  And there is no need to worry about how wild she is, because she comes in her very own little cage.  Thank you so much to Libby of Pistachio Libby for this fun & whimsical donation.  You can find Pistachio Libby at the following places:
Etsy:  Blythe Custom Doll Couture by PistachioLibby on Etsy

Facebook:  (1) Pistachio Doll Couture

Flickr:  Flickr: Libby Sherman-Kuhn's Photostream

"Don't make me call the flying monkeys!"  ~ The Wicked Witch

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