Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: boopsiedaisy

 If you haven't yet come across our next donors artwork, you are in for a great treat!  Boopsiedaisy has generously donated one of her spectacular Boopsie dolls to our raffle.  She  has created a gorgeous full sized custom Dorothy Boopsie for one lucky attendee to win!  Boopsiedaisy has also donated 100 Aceo print packets for the goody bags.  Thank you so much  to Missy Munday of boopsiedaisy for these incredible contributions to the Seattle BlytheCon.  Please check out boopsiedaisy's amazing photography & custom dolls at the following places:  

Dorothy boopsiedaisy & Wizard of Oz Aceo Packets

Blythe & boopsiedaisy


*Photography by Missy Munday of boopsiedaisy*

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