Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goody Bag Spotlight: Weeping Sabicu

Up next we have an amazing donation for the Seattle BlytheCon goody bags!  Thank you so much to Naomi of Weeping Sabicu for crocheting 70 Blythe hats!  We appreciate your time, hard work, generosity, & support so much!  70 lucky attendees will get a knit hat by Naomi in their goody bag!   Naomi is also donating 3 dresses by Bonnie Jacobs.  You can find Weeping Sabicu & Bonnie at the following places:

Weeping Sabicu-

Facebook:  Naomi Owen

Flickr:  Flickr: Weeping Sabicu's Photostream

Bonnie Jacobs:  bonniejacobs on Etsy

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  1. Just wow! What a load of lovely hard work! Super sweet!