Monday, January 12, 2015

Mab Graves art show in Seattle!

Mab Graves art show!!
Fremont Art Walk
Opening Event 6-9:30 PM
Complimentary snacks and beverages
Food, Wine & Beer served in the Cafe

Tiny Dodo Gallery,formerly known as Tiny Ninja Gallery @ Stoneway Cafe, is showcasing Pop Surrealtist Mab Graves from Indiannapolis, IN!!

Artist is known worldwide and has been a huge influence in the Blythe Community! This is a rare event and an honor to have Mab Grave's art and we hope to see you there!!

Here's a little about Mab Graves

Mab Graves was discovered in a cabbage patch on a cool Summer night several years ago. The note pinned to her blanket said CHANGELING but her parents decided they would call her Mab instead.
Later in life she would be diagnosed with “Terminal Artist” . A condition she lives with to this day.
Mab paints in an old re-purposed tavern in Indianapolis, IN with her adoring partner (photographer Larry Endicott) their cat, and an ever growing collection of pink-haired Blythe dolls.

There will be 7 custom artists that will be donating dolls to help raise money for the Seattle's Children's Hospital, specifically to cancer research.

Blythe dolls will be auctioned off on our website, . They will be displayed at the opening for a one time in person viewing!!

30 percent of Tiny Dodo Gallery's proceeds from the dolls will go towards the Seattle's Children's Hospital.

Participating Artists:
Sara Lanzillotta (fashion) :
Diem Chau (fashion) :
Becky Gould :
Marlon DK
Vanessa Jacob
Rhodora Jacob :

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thank You For Donating To The Seattle BlytheCon Raffle & Goody Bags!

We want to thank everyone who donated to the raffle & goody bags for the Seattle BlytheCon! We greatly appreciate your kindness, generosity, & support!  We wish we could have photographed everyone who won a prize, but we were at least able to photograph the lucky raffle doll prize winners!  For attendees, if you were lucky and won a prize at the Seattle BlytheCon raffle, please send a thank you message to whomever donated the prize you won. Also, please thank the amazing donors to the goody bags as well!  They worked so hard to make sure that your Seattle BlytheCon experience was special!  Sincerely, The Seattle BlytheCon Team

Winner of Tinsel by Happibug

Winner of Emmy by Chinalilly Dolls, Piparrot, & Kult of Kulta 

Winner of Poppy by SCoLaDolls & Xanamaneca

Winner of Mandy Cotton Candy donated by Junie Moon

Winner of Yellow Marshmellow donated by Junie Moon

Winner of Callie by Rachel K Customs

Winner of Cassie by Hello Blythe

Winner of the Good Fairy by Artemis

A friend of the winner of Miss Gale by Kassandra's Box
(She was sad that she did not win, but what a great friend!)

Winner of Gemini by Art Doll Keepsakes

Winner of Seattle by The House of Emmy B.lythe

Winner of Jolie by Love Note Studios

Winner of This is Theodora by Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X

Winner of Clowning Around by SeattleBlythe

Winner of Glinda & Elphaba by I Have Wings

Winner of Dorothy Boopsiedaisy doll by Missy Munday

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: I Have Wings

Our next raffle prize is absolutely stunning.  It is a gorgeous set of dolls created and donated by I Have Wings entitled Elphaba & Glinda.  One lucky attendee will win these beautiful dolls. Thank you so much Romina of I Have Wings for creating Elphaba & Glinda for the Seattle BlytheCon! You can find I Have Wings at the following places:

Elphaba & Glinda

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vendor Interview- Atelier Blythe

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?

    Hi! I’m Sharon (sassybead) Sears. I’m from the beautiful city of Seattle.

2. What do you make for Blythe?

    I love to make all kinds of things for Blythe, and I sew and knit for her. At my Blythecon table, you will find raincoats and hats, fancy knitted berets, pretty Mighty Nighties, and a steampunk outfit or two.

3. Where can we find your creations?

    I have a shop on etsy:

4. What are your main influences?

    Vintage fashions are a huge influence for me. I love color too, so that will often influence the direction my projects take. There are many wonderful Blythe artisans whom I admire as well!

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?

    My friend Heather in California introduced me to Blythe. She and a friend wanted to get the SBL Prima Dolly collection (Ashlette, Violetta, and Ginger), and Heather asked me if I wanted to buy Ashlette so that we each had one. A few explorations on the Web, and I was sold! I’m one of those people who can say I’ve never looked back since that day. 

6. Do you collect anything else?

    I do have other doll collections - Monster High and mini Lalaloopsies, Liddle Kiddles. I also love demitasse cups and saucers. Oh and fabric… yarn… but those don’t count if they’re materials for my shop do they?

7. What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?

    In addition to sewing, knitting, and beading, I also tat. And, I played the violin all through school.

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Happibug Customs


... Will she find it? 

Tinsel is on the hunt of a lifetime. A long time ago in a dark, deep forest, Tinsel lost her heart. She has been searching  for it ever since and is so hopeful that she'll find it in the Emerald City! She has heard that this city is magical, and that those who come seeking their dreams with an open and happy soul are often rewarded. So, Tinsel has set out, meeting other travelers and finding new friends, and having many adventures along the way! 

Tinsel is happibug's donation for Blythecon Seattle. Tinsel is an RBL mold (University of Love) dolly with a "Kiss Me True" scalp, trimmed into a layered bob and over-dyed for depth. Tinsel's little Tin Man uniform is made by happibug as well, and features a stretchy silver metallic jumpsuit and hat with heart appliqu├ęs. Tinsel has had extensive carving, airbrushed make-up with hand-painted and chalk pastel details, four pairs of happibug's handpainted chips, airbrushed lids with a handpainted stitched heart, and custom pull charms. Tinsel is happibug custom #190. She was created with lots and lots of love and care, just for the attendees of Blythecon Seattle, and she is so excited to meet you! Please come see her at the raffle table, and come by and see me at my booth! Lots of love, happibug 

Thank you so much Lynne for this spectacular BlytheCon raffle donation!  We greatly appreciate your generosity, support, & the heart you have put into creating Tinsel for the Seattle BlytheCon!

You can find happibug at the following locations:   

happibug's etsy shop: dollicious
We are busy getting lots of helmets and some new dollies ready for Blythecon Seattle in August! I hope to see lots of you there! ♥ * at this time I
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happibug customs facebook page: Happibug Customs
Happibug Customs
Custom Blythes since 2007
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Raffle Prize Spotlight: WellerMade

Next we have a beautiful Emerald green sweater created and donated by WellerMade.  This is perfect for Blythe in the Emerald City!  Thank you so much to Patty of WellerMade for your lovely donation to the Seattle BlytheCon raffle!  You can find WellerMade at the following site:

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X collaboration

We would like to introduce our latest Custom Blythe donation, "This is Theodora."  This is a collaboration Custom Blythe doll by Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X.  This beauty is based off of the Mila Kunis character from the movie Oz The Great and Powerful before she turns wicked. Theodora's amazing face up and carving has been done by the talented Blythe Stole My Heart. Notice the poppies in her eyes!  Her beautiful dress has been created by Meester X who also created the pattern.  One lucky attendee will be taking this wonderful Blythe home with them, good luck everyone!  Thank you so much to Maggie of Blythe Stole My Heart and to Stephen of Meester X for your great generosity & kindness!   You can find Blythe Stole My Heart & Meester X at the following locations:

Blythe Stole My Heart

Facebook:  Maggie Stimson

Meester X

This is Theodora

Theodora's Outfit
(Will also include striped tights & ruby red glitter boots)