Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vendor Interview- Unicornmine Skinny Scalps Store


1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?  I'm Christine Kennison, I have 2 beautiful kids and 2 loveable cats! :) I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois right now, but grew up in Chicago's South side, not very far from US Cellular field. (or Comiskey Park) 
2. What do you make for Blythe?  I make the 'Skinny Scalp' for Neo Blythe and now Middies.  What it is, is a wonderful way to get mohair on your girl without hindering the pull strings, like a lot of wigs do.  I've always described it as a lambskin (or goatskin) weft.  My skinnies have been known to be a bit indestructible and I have many designers and customizers that have been repeat customers.  It has been a wonderful to create colors, and add wonderful texture to a doll that is just screaming for that more one of a kind feel!

3. Where can we find your creations? I was on Team Orange with the "For the Love of Blythe" book project that was created by Fanny Zara, Cindy Sowers and Jean Yates, respectively.   I had a hand in creating the beautiful cotton candy mane of hair on the Marionette girl... What an honor, truly, to be included!   Also, I've been working for years with many of the talented customizers in our wonderful community.  I have a shop on Etsy that is called You can also find me by searching for 'bridgeport7'

4. What are your main influences?  Colors, Brights, Pastels...  I am influenced by my children, flowers, and life! lol...  

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls? When I started this hobby in 2009, my life was vastly different...  My daughter was almost 2, Son was 5, my husband was not working and someone had given me over 100 Madame Alexander dolls to sell on ebay...  It was quite a daunting task...  I became engrossed with Blythe and fascinated by her charm after someone sent me her doll on loan (within a week I had my own..) lol...  I've never looked back! The main thing was, I really preferred her with beautiful mohair.  At the time, the only thing that was available was a super expensive reroot or a very ill fitting mohair wig.  I became obsessed with figuring out how I could create a lambskin weft on an original Blythe scalp or a Coolcat scalp, and finally, after 3 months of toil, many conversations with my lambskin supplier, ignoring husband and children, I finally had my solution and my first Skinny was made!

6. Do you collect anything else?  (I SO wish I could answer, children and cats!) haha..  But, I love to collect everything rainbowey and cute and find that I have to keep that part of my personality at bay... lol... When I was a child I collected the Enesco mermaids and unicorns and dragons of every shape and size...  lol...   Just saw the Lego movie and was wondering how I could get the lego Unicorn Kitty in my collection...  I do have dolls of every type, and have a daughter that loves them as well.  It's just great big fun to be able to play with someone that I love so much!

7.  What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?  I have a decent singing voice, and will just bust out with a song if the mood strikes me or I'm feeling really passionate about something... I've been known to sing at my husband while we're arguing...  It diffuses the situation because he starts laughing at me...

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