Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Costume Contest

Seattle BlythCon Costume Contest
(Register to Enter/Details Below)

Hi Everyone!  We hope you are all getting excited to Journey to the Emerald City for the Seattle Blythe Convention on August 2nd!  We are very happy to announce that we will be holding a special event at BlytheCon this year.  The Wizard of Oz Blythe Costume Contest!  There will be two categories you can enter.  The First is for the best Individual Wizard of Oz themed Blythe Doll Costume (You present 1 to 2 Blythe dolls in costume to the judges).  The Second Category is for the best Human & Blythe duo or group Wizard of Oz themed Costume (You can coordinate or match your costume with your Blythes in costume).  There will be 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes in each category.  Each of the three winners in each category will need to be ready to bring home a new little companion, there very own Blythe!  There's no place like home and a new Blythe doll!  Thank you to Blythe In A Basket for donating these wonderful prizes!    

There will be a scheduled costume parade for each category and the winners will be announced right before the raffle.  Winners will be decided upon by a panel of Judges including your very own Seattle Blythe Con Team: Diem (Tinyhaus), Sara (Devoutdolls), Valerie (Blythelyigo), Brian (SeattleBlythe), as well as our very special & honored judges Juan (Dr. Blythenstein), Allison Katzman, and Junko Wong.    

We are all so excited to see everyones amazing costumes Blythe & Human alike!  Let your imaginations run wild!  They can be classic Oz or have a modern twist on Oz.  Whatever your heart desires.  If you would like to participate in the costume contest you need to register with us before BlytheCon.  Please send an email to Brian at seattleblythe@gmail.com with your name, title of your costume, and if you are entering the Individual or Human/Blythe category.  Please only enter one category.  Thanks & see you down the yellow brick road!  Sincerely, Your Seattle Blythe Con Team      

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