Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Munchkin Middies & Wizard of Oz Photo Shoot!

We would like to announce a fun and exciting photo opportunity that will be happening at the Seattle BlytheCon Pre-meet on the afternoon of Friday, August 1st, @3pm at the Olympic Sculpture Park.  A fabulous member of our Blythe community has created a wonderful & whimsical Wizard of Oz themed Photo Shoot with a specially made back drop.  Thank you so much to Julie McQuade of Tickled Pink for putting this all together!  These are the fun things that make BlytheCon so special for all who attend!  

Lollipop Guild        

    Lullaby League   

There will be a special Middie Lullaby League & Lollipop Guild themed photo.  Julie will be selling a limited amount of specially made Lullaby League & Lollipop Guild costumes for Middie to whomever is interested, but anyone who wants to participate by making their own costumes are more then welcome!  As Julie says, “the more Middies the Merrier!" This is not just for Middies, but Neo & Petite Blythes can also join in the fun!  There will be a second special photo that will include all your other Blythes, Neo & Petite alike dressed as your favorite Wizard of Oz characters.  Then you can use the back drop to take pictures of your dolls individually if you wish.    


Julie has graciously decided to donate the money she raises from the sale of her Munchkin costumes to the two charities we are supporting with donation baskets, the Seattle Animal Shelter and Northwest Harvest Food Bank.  To quote Julie, "I would rather give the money that I get for the costumes to charities because I'm doing this for everyone to have a cute photo op. :)"  Thank you so much Julie for your kindness and helping these two wonderful local charities!

You may find Julie & her shop Tickled Pink at the following locations:

Etsy Store, Tickled Pink by Julie:  www.plasticbabyz.etsy.com
Facebook Fan Page for Julie’s Shop:  https://www.facebook.com/TickledPinkbyJ?ref=hl
Flickr Group for Tickled Pink by Julie:  https://www.flickr.com/groups/tickledpink/

**Just to clarify, we found out earlier that we could not raise funds for charity with our raffle at this kind of event.  That said, we are still planning on having two donation baskets on our table at Blythe Con where people can choose to donate money to the Seattle Animal Shelter and/or Northwest Harvest Food Bank if they wish.  A lot of people liked the idea of helping local charities, so this is a great opportunity to do just that.  But please know there is absolutely no pressure to do so as this day is for celebrating Blythe, the friendships she has created across the world, and just having fun!  

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