Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vendor Interview- Blythe Blue

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?
My name is Stacie, and I live a couple hours north of Seattle in a little town called Bellingham. I'm actually closer to the Canadian border than I am to Seattle. I was born and raised in Seattle, and while I love the city, my hubby and I decided we wanted a slower pace and a smaller community in which to raise our young daughter. So we packed up and moved out to "the country" and now have ten acres. It's a big change from having neighbors close enough we could reach out and touch their walls! I am a freelance writer/editor "IRL," but creating, crafting, and attending to my two Etsy shops--Blythe Blu and Sparrow Blu--brings me my most joy.

2. What do you make for Blythe?
I make Blythe-sized headbands and hair accessories. Because I create heirloom-quality bridal hair accessories in my human-sized shop, I like to bring the same level of quality to my doll-sized creations. Attention to detail is extremely important to me!

3. Where can we find your creations?
You can find me on Etsy at www.blytheblu.etsy.com

4. What are your main influences?
My main influences for my Blythe creations come from my other shop Sparrow Blu. I tend to take fashion and design trends that are popular for "humans" and apply those to my "doll" creations. I wouldn't say I have a particular style, as I myself am drawn to many different design styles--shabby, modern, boho. I like it all, and I don't like limiting my creations to one style set. That'd get boring fast! ;)

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?
I fell into my Blythe obsession back in 2008 in a rather odd way. At the time, I was obsessed with anything Twilight-related, and I wanted to find an "Alice Cullen" doll. The licensed doll that was available was, in my opinion, not attractive, so I googled "custom dolls." Lo and behold, my search results turned up hundreds of pictures of custom Blythe dolls. At first, I wasn't sure if they were cute or creepy, but I couldn't stop looking at the pictures. After days of pouring over pictures of Blythe dolls, I realized I quite loved them and wanted one of my own. I contacted Melacacia, who had recently started customizing, and she helped bring to life my absolutely perfect Alice Cullen, who is still one of my all-time favorite custom Blythes. I've been an avid collector ever since! I started creating Blythe hair accessories a couple of years ago. I'd had my "human" shop open for a few years at that point, and it seemed a logical leap to start making pretty things for my dolls, too!

6. Do you collect anything else?
I have quite a collection of couture ribbons (I'm a ribbon hoarder!), and my daughter and I collect Disney pins.

7. What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
Hmm...one interesting fact... Well, I created a new term to describe myself recently--I'm an "obsessive hobbyist." I become rather obsessed with new hobbies and dive in headfirst. Besides my "Blythe" hobby, I'm currently obsessed with entering sweepstakes and digi-scrapping (scrapbooking digitally). But ask me again in a few months; I'm sure I'll have a new obsession by then. ;) LOL

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