Saturday, June 21, 2014

BlytheCon Human TShirts

BCon Tees?
For the first time in BCon history we're offering human sized Tshirts!  BCon Tshirts are made to order and ordering has closed.

BCon 2014 Tees are printed on Gildan preshrunk cotton T-shirts.  These are men's cut, we are limited to only one style because of minimum order requirements and every new style requires a whole new set up fee, etc...  Sorry to those who are on the smaller side.  Although the shirts are preshrunk, they do a bit more shrinking after washing and wearing.  For example I'm a 38"chest, but fit a Medium which is 40" chest.  I would say if you have a 34-36" chest the Small would be good for you.  If you are under 33" these shirts will be too big for you. 

Gildan Ultra Cotton in Forest Green
Sizes are as follows:
S: 36" chest
M: 40" chest
L: 44" chest
XL: 48" chest
2XL: 52" chest
3XL: 56"chest
4XL: 60" chest
5XL: 64" chest

Pre-Order is closed. 

Tshirt List:
Abby K
Andy I
Becca W
Becky B
Bella D
Brian D
Charlotte W
Colleen W
Cynthia W
Diem C
Elizabeth I
Glenn D
Heidi B
Helen N
Jacqueline B
Julia S
Kimberly C
Kimberly M
Kris L
Lane M
Leah A
Leigh A
Liana H
Lisa L
Lynne R
Maggie S
Maria Y
Matthew P
Michelle W
Momoko K
Phillaine E
Rachel K
Rebecca P
Reilly J
Romina G
Samantha C
Sara L
Sarah G
Sharon S
Simlian O
Simone L
Susan T
Terence O
Valerie I

Blythe-sized BCon Shirts
Blythe-sized shirts will also be available at the BCon Merch table!  This is a prototype, we'll have a selection of colors.

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