Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Chinalilly Dolls / Piparrot / Kult of Kulta Collaboration Blythe Doll

We are very proud to introduce our next custom Blythe doll donation,  Please meet Emerald!  This gorgeous Blythe was created as a collaboration doll by three amazing artist.  Chinalilly Dolls created Emmy's beautiful face, Piparrot created her amazing mohair scalp, & Kult of Kulta did Emmy's fabulous fashion sets!  Thank you all for your amazing work on Emmy and for donating your time, materials & talent to the Seattle BlytheCon raffle!  We so appreciate your support for this fun event!

Chinalilly Dolls:  Chinalilly Dolls by indyandtheninja on Etsy

Piparrot:  Piparrots Alpaca Reroots by piparrot on Etsy

Kult of Kulta:  Join the Kult of Kulta by kultofkulta on Etsy

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