Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vendor Interview- Kawaii Kandy

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?

Hello BlytheCon Doll-ers! My name is Maggi aka Kawaii Kandy and I live in North Carolina, USA.
2. What do you make for Blythe?
I specialize in quirky crocheted hats, I'm most well known for my ice cream hats. :)
3. Where can we find your creations?
I have a shop on Artfire: and you can also find pictures of my hats on Flickr: and

4. What are your main influences?

I love quirky things, kitschy sense of humor is more offbeat and that comes through in my hats more often than not. :) I’m inspired by anything snarky, bright colors and obviously kawaii. lol I’m really inspired by everything around me, I’ll see something and try to figure out how to translate it into a hat.
5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?

I got my first Pullip in 2009 (from a comic shop in NYC, very cool!) and collected them for a while. It was through Pullips that I found Blythe on Flickr, I got my first girl (Sugar, who I still have!) in 2012. (I actually sold my last Dal to get my first Blythe, lol.)
6. Do you collect anything else?
Oh my yes, lol. I love anything vintage, particularly the 1950s-1980s,  and I'm also a mixed media artist so I collect anything I think might be cool glued down onto something else. lol
7. What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?

I'm obsessed with watching kdramas (Korean TV shows). I've been watching them for around a year now and try to get everyone I know to watch them too. lol

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