Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vendor Interview, Bythe Ever After

1. Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?

We are Snip and Snap the BlythEverAfter sisters (actually Marty and Karen) and we live a few hours apart in Washington State.  We started out as kids gleefully sewing both dolls and doll clothes.  Then we “grew up” abandoning our fairytale dolly dreams for dreamboats who all too soon morphed into nightmares.  By then we lived on opposite ends of the country, worked full time, raised kids on our own and put them through college. Now semi-retired and both living in the same state again, we’re back at our joint childhood passion:  creating Blythe dolls, head to toe Blythe fashions and more.  We do snip and snap a lot while creating many things Blythe…but only occasionally at each other (as sisters do) when we push ourselves too hard.

2. What do you make for Blythe?

Our company (BEA) creates and sells the unique tools and specialty supplies that make both first-time and well seasoned Blythe customizers more confident, safe and successful.  And we also create BlythEverAfter Temptations:  our original HatTrix (caps, bonnets, helmets and more), ToeTrix (leather boots and shoes), and ‘FitTrix (dolly clothing.)

Our patent pending Blythe faceplate workstand makes sanding, carving and applying faceup paint, pastels and MSC both safer and easier.  We manufacture and sell a complete line of “Plastic Surgery” tools and supplies including diamond needle files, specialized burrs, “plastic surgery” carving implements, sanding supplies and gluing kits.  We create and sell RealEyes and FantasEyes eyechips and Blythe eyelashes in hard to find colors. BlythEverAfter faceup supplies include 50 colors of hand ground Schmincke soft pastels, Golden paints, Derwent water color pencils, carefully curated brushes and applicators , our Luscious Lips Kit,  WigSaver Kit,  Mr. SUPER CLEAR and more.

Karen makes Blythe-sized genuine leather boots and shoes.  Marty designs and creates helmets, caps, bonnets and Blythe clothing from leather, suede, wool, cotton and more.  Together we create and outfit custom Blythe characters.

3. Where can we find your creations?

We sell our products and creations at with part time sales on eBay.  You’ll also find BEA photos on Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

4. What are your main influences?

We are influenced by fashion, color, superb workmanship and beautiful materials, but mostly by our mom who taught us to take risks and said that anything worth making is worth making well.   And we always want to delight our customers, so their desires and experiences are a constant source of inspiration.

5. How did you get started with Blythe dolls?

We pulled out our childhood Muffie dolls and the little trunks of clothes we made for them.  Then we started looking together at BJD dolls online.   When we saw Blythe you’d have to say it was love at first sight.   We ordered Simply Mango on eBay but she was so lonely we bought more and more and more.  It’s hard to keep track of our whole Blythe family these days since we are frenetic “mix and matchers” constantly swapping scalps, bodies, heads, eyechips and attire.  At any given time we may have 10 or 15 Blythe girls apart and in pieces.

6. Do you collect anything else?

After a lifetime of collecting everything from oil cans to eggbeaters (over a hundred of each) all Karen collects these days, besides Blythe, is dust bunnies.  Marty has taken a recent shine to Boyd’s Bears and antique millinery.

7. What’s one interesting fact we may not know about you?

We created and have tested detailed Blythe customization photo tutorials.  Using our step by step pictures and printable instructions (available at no cost on our Blythe beta testers created terrific first custom RBL girls.  They successfully opened, took apart, sanded, carved, reapplied faceplate color, changed eyechips and lashes and reassembled their custom Blythes.  Best of all they continue to say they couldn’t have done it without us!   In the future we plan to create and offer tutorials on more complex customization challenges creating a virtual Blythe Customization University.


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