Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vendor Interview, Mab Graves

Let's get to know Mab Graves...

1.      Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you live?

Hello! My name is Mab Graves and I am a pop surrealist artist and illustrator living in a small corner of the dusty Midwest ^_^

2.      What do you make for Blythe?

I paint miniature cameos of Blythe as well as making custom “Mab Girl” Blythe dolls. I also have a Blythe paper doll that was published by Dover Publishing last Fall.

3.      Where can we find your creations?

You can find my book on Amazon or in stores, and you can find my art any of these places:
BigCartel Shop (for originals) :
Etsy (for vintage dolly):
4.      What are your main influences?

I love stories. Fairytales especially but I have a passion for whimsy and Grimmsy. I have a slightly quirky sense of humor and I love to let it come out and play. My hope is to just make pretty things for wonderful people.

5.      How did you get started with Blythe dolls?

I discovered her one day online. I saw a picture and had no idea who she was, but I KNEW I needed to have one! It was love at first sight ^_^

6.      Do you collect anything else?

Yes! I have a passion for collecting New Contemporary/Pop Surrealist/Lowbrow art, and I have a beautiful collection of Picture Books. Plus just about anything old and plastic. I love vintage toys, Star Wars, Fairy Winkles, Dinosaurs, art vinyl toys. I love everything!

7.      What's one interesting fact we may not know about you?
I have an Irish twin and we were nearly identical growing up. People still get us confused (I have pink hair now though so it’s a good clue ^_<) I’m also super shy and only leave my house/studio 2 or 3 times a week!

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