Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vendor Interview- Photos 4 Sue

1. My name is Susan Tamcsin. I'm the creative director for my husband's beeswax candle company Big Dipper Wax Works. I am a mother of two lovely girls, Hannah 10 yrs and Sally 6 yrs. I live with my family in Normandy Park, just south of Seattle. I'm originally from Milwaukee, WI.

2. I make hand-painted eye chips, dresses, and I customize dolls and make all their accessories.

3. I sell my eye chips and dresses on my Etsy shop I auction my custom Blythe dolls usually on Ebay. To join my newsletter to find out about my shop updates and new customs available click here:
I post updates and images of everything I'm doing in Dolly Land here:

4. I am inspired by the many amazingly talented artists and customizers in our community. I am also influenced by fabric designs and my love of printmaking. My new dresses will all have hand-printed elements, drawing from my earlier years as a printmaking student in art school and my ever-evolving love for that art.

5. I first found Blythe back in 2008, when a friend of mine had one taken apart on her kitchen counter. I was immediately intrigued. My friend taught me the basics of customizing, I was hooked. I continued experimenting and my love for Blythe has grown and evolved ever since.

6. Before Blythe, I never really collected anything, not even dolls. Since then I have been very slowly collecting dolls of different kinds. Aside from my Blythe collection of about 12 Blythes, I have a few BJD's, some vintage dolls and some hand-crafted dolls. I guess I collect fabric and art supplies too!

7. When my brother died of cancer 3 years ago, I fell out of love with everything. I put my dolls aside for a long while and never thought I'd go back.  Eventually I came around and opened myself back up to them. To this day, as much as I love Blythe and customizing them, I teeter on the edge of getting rid of everything. I wonder if that feeling will ever go away.

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