Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raffle Prize Spotlight: Las lagrimas de Alicia

Next we have an amazing donation entitled "Dorothy's Dream" by Las lagrimas de Alicia (Alice's Tears).  Amy, from Las lagrimas de Alicia says, "Las lagrimas de alicia is a team; my mother and my twin sister.  We participate together in this project and we put our heart and imagination in this."  This dress was inspired by the poppy fields from the Wizard of Oz.  There is also a wonderful poetic story that has been written to go along with the beautiful dress set.  Thank you so much to the team of Las lagrimas de Alicia for your donation!  You can find Las lagrimas de alicia here:

(to the little Dorothy who dreams from the bottom of our hearts)

When Dorothy was walking across the deadly poppy fields, the darkness took her little feet and made her fall.  A blue shadow stained her little child body; first her legs, then her eyes and finally the BLUE SHADOW touched her soul…  Dorothy was sleeping.  The powerful scent of poppies SILENCED her conscience.  Imagination became the QUEEN and started to open her wings and fly into Dorothy’s world!  

“the Grey of her great Kansas prairies is as grey as despair.  Grey is the gaze of Aunt Em and her feelings.  The Tin Woodsman without a heart is grey.  And there is a strange mark on his face.  It was the path of an old tear.”  WHO COULD HAVE FEELINGS?

Golden light; it is the lion’s mane shining.  Beautiful fire Crown around a great head.  Too much fire for such little courage.  WHO COULD BE BRAVE?

And again the GREY, grey Kansas prairies howling and whispering in Dorothy’s ears.

A friendly SCARECROW dances innocently under a petrified sky.  Toto barks, Dorothy tries to shout to the Scarecrow; "a cyclone is coming!"  The sky resounded but the scarecrow hasn’t got a brain.  WHO COULD HAVE WISDOM?

Toto barks louder, and LOUDER.

…the darkness releases Dorothy’s little feet.  And the colors come.  Life is again in Dorothy’s eyes and courage is breathing in her soul.  Dorothy is awake.  The barking of Toto rescues her conscience.  And the LIGHT spreads its wings into Dorothy’s world.

Dorothy recalls her dream:  Who could have feelings?  Who could be brave?  Who could have Wisdom?

Feelings?  and what for?  to LIVE.
Courage? what for? to DARE TO LIVE.
A Brain?  what for? to LEARN TO LIVE.

A voice says to her:  "WELCOME TO KANSAS."  It’s Aunt Em.

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