Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welcome to BlytheCon Seattle!

Hello Everyone,
This blog was created to keep you up to date on BCON activities and a sneak peek at the surprises we have planned!

BlytheCon 2014 will be held in Seattle on August 2nd 2014.  Our venue is Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion, a stunning facility in the heart of Seattle.  We are all very excited and honored to be your host this year. 

Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE at Brown Paper Tickets
ONLINE TICKET SALES WILL END MONDAY JULY 28TH.  We will have tickets for sale at the door, but "At The Door Tickets" will NOT get goodie bags.  All goodie bags are prepared ahead of time so we won't have any extras for at the door tickets.  Please read the following info in regards to "at the door" ticket sales.

"At the Door" Tickets will be $55, CASH ONLY and will come with admission to BlytheCon and a raffle ticket, but will not come with a goodie bag.  We will admit pre-paid tickets first, then start At The Door ticket sales.  We understand this community's love of spontaneity but pre-sales will help us efficiently facilitate the registration line.  We want people to get in as quickly as possible so they can party.  We like to urge you to buy a ticket ahead of time.


Panel Talk with Allison Katzman & Junko Wong
Seattle Central Library
11:30am:              Doors Open
Noon - 1pm:         Panel Talk
1pm - 1:30pm:     Q&A and Autograph signing
1:30pm - 2pm:     Clean-up & Directions distributed for Olympic Sculpture Park

Pre-Meet at Olympic Sculpture Park 
3pm - 7pm:          Meetup at Olympic Sculpture Park

BlytheCon Main Event
Fisher Pavilion @ Seattle Center
7am - 9am           Event Set-up with staff and volunteers.
9am - 10:30am    Vendor Set-Up
10:30 am             BlytheCon Opens!
11am - 1pm         Demo #1 Sewing with Momoko Komori of Momolita
Noon - 1pm         Costume Contest
1:00 - 2pm           Demo #2 Sewing with Romina Galotta of I Have Wings
2pm - 3pm           Demo #3 Customization with Lynne Rutherford of Happibug
3pm - 3:30pm      Goldie Photo Shoot
3pm– 4pm           Demo #4 Customization with Susan Tamcsin of Photo4Sue
4pm– 6:30pm      Costume Contest Winner Announced , Raffle Begins & Closing
7pm                     BlytheCon Ends & Clean-up Begins

Meet the BlytheCon 2014 Planning Committee:
Diem Chau (TinyHaus)  Photo courtesy of Hilary/Snoopygirl
Hello!  I'm Diem / TinyHaus, I started collecting Blythes in 2002.  I saw some amazing Blythe photographs online and was instantly hooked!  Tiny Haus was launched in 2005 and I've been a dolly seamstress ever since.  Aside for being a doll collector I'm also an artist and avid gardener.  I feel so fortunate to have found such a great community of people through Blythe.  She has inspired me to learn how to sew, be a better photographer and even learn a little HTML.  I hope to see you at BlytheCon!
Artwork website: www.diemchau.com
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/tinyhaus
Blog: www.guyhats.blogspot.com

Brian and Juan
Brian Dore (SeattleBlythe)  Photo courtesy of Juan/Dr.Blythenstein
Brian (right), pictured with Juan Jacob Vaz (Dr. Blythenstein) our official "Con Artist".
I am Brian Dore, SeattleBlythe and I have been a part of the Blythe community since 2004.  It is such an honor to be able to help host the Seattle BlytheCon in 2014 and a great celebration for me as it will be my 10th anniversary in this wonderful world of Blythe!  I have collected dolls since I was a child, but I have never felt connected to any other doll as I do Blythe.  So excited to be working with such wonderful & talented friends to bring you on a Journey to the Emerald City.   My professional background is in the theatre & costume design.   I live in the Seattle area with my husband Brent and I am a proud stay at home dad to my beautiful daughter Bella.  I have over one hundred Blythe dolls in my collection.  I owe so much to Blythe and have met so many amazing people through her.  Blythe has taken me on adventures all over the country & world.  I was interview & photographed with Valerie in the book "Me & My Blythe".  This is a wonderful opportunity to pay back the community I love and enjoy so much!  Hope to see you all down the yellow brick road!
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/85412628@N00/

Valerie Iral (BlythelyIGo)
Hi! I'm Valerie "Blythely I go" and have been into Blythe since the summer of 2000 when I found Gina Garan's book "This is Blythe" at Urban Outfitters. The next week I had my first Blythe, my blonde Kenner who only cost me $91 on ebay. My day job is as a meeting & event planner (to fund my Blythe habit). When I'm not mucking about with dolls and my camera, I like to read, travel, play the piano, knit and paint. I'm obsessed with photographing Blythe and take her everywhere I go. My big Blythe claim to fame was winning the SuperPhotogenic photo contest in 2005 and traveling to Japan for the book launch/party where I met many wonderful people. My friend Brian Dore and I then traveled to Japan in 2007 where we were interviewed and photographed for the book "Me & My Blythe".  I'm super excited to be on the planning team for the 2014 BlytheCon in Seattle!
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/40343414@N03/

Sara Lanzillotta (DevoutDolls)
I'm Sara Lanzillotta from Devout.  I love making doll fashions, accessories and tiny dolls and toys for Blythe and other dolls.  I've been doll obsessed for longer than I can remember and I've never had more fun than when I've worked with making items for Blythe.  Blythe is a constant source of inspiration for me.  I love the dolls and love the warm and wonderful community of fans built around them.   I live in Seattle with my husband Bino and grumpy cat Momo.  This year we were blessed with a special edition to my collection with the birth of my daughter, Penelope Rose.  I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with such a great team of friends to bring you the next fun Blythcon!  I can't wait to see all my old pals I've made over the years plus meet some new ones!
My Website: www.DevoutDolls.com
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/devoutdolls
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/14571412@N06/

We are also VERY EXCITED to have the amazing Juan Jacob Vaz (Dr.Blythenstein) as our official "Con Artist". ^_^  We were hoping to launch the site with his finished work, but Juan recently suffered a wrist injury so the work is delayed.  We're sending our good vibes to Juan for a speedy recovery!  Thank you Juan for agreeing to be our artist. 

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